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New Video: “Checkered Past” – Starring Gates McFadden
April 16, 2016

Charles has a brand new video.  This one stars the illustrious Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek TNG).

A psychiatrist (McFadden) puts a divorced dad through a rigorous psychiatric evaluation.

Watch it at the following locations:

Written by: Charles – Chuck Armstrong & Charlie Stockman
Starring: Gates McFadden, Chuck Armstrong, Charlie Stockman
Directed and Edited by: Elliot Dickerhoof
DP: Cody Jacobs
Kasparov Joke by: Allan Phillips
Produced by: Charles & Elliot Dickerhoof


New Video: Future Graduation
October 16, 2015

Charles’ classic stage sketch has been adapted to a different visual medium!  It’s the age-old tale of a high school valedictorian whose advice falls on deaf ears once his future self terrifies those same ears with an accurate vision of the future.  Watch it in these places:

Written by & Starring: Charles – Chuck Armstrong & Charlie Stockman
Directed and Edited by: Alexander Harrison Jacobs
Makeup by: Andrea Burish
Sound by: Alex Lee
Produced by: Charles & Alexander Harrison Jacobs, in association with Cinema Garden & Vacation Theory

Charles’ New Video “The Vacuum” Arrives on the Internet
August 5, 2015

In collaboration with our good friend Elliot Dickerhoof, we’re pleased to announce that our new video, “The Vacuum”, is live in various places on the Internet.  Most saliently:

Charles’ Box vs Can is Now Online for Your Viewing Pleasure
July 17, 2015

Thanks to everyone who came to see the premier of Box vs. Can at Web Series Unplugged.  The premier now over, we’ve uploaded the thing to the Internet.  Enjoy!