Charles at MSW Sketch Night’s SpeedFace, Hollywood, October 7th


Charles will be performing 100 seconds of comedy on the Miles Stroth Workshop’s SpeedFace show.  Also appearing on the bill are Heather Anne Campbell, Hal Rudnick, Graham Beckett, Nick Gligor & John Paliferro, Amy Hessler, Frank Howley, Wolfhammer, Ben Parks & Jesse Klein, Keith Saltojanes, Kat Purgal & Nadia Benavides, Joey Clift, Katy Dolle, Erik Kuska, John Wyatt.  This is going to be crazy.

Show is Wednesday, October 7th, 9pm at the Complex on Theater Row.  Tickets by donation at the door.

Charles at MSW’s SPEEDFACE
Wednesday, October 7th, 9pm
The Complex
6470 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Tickets: By donation at the door.
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